Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Reviews for The Gladiator's Woman

I know I haven't blogged in a while but I've been really busy at work and I've also taken on some freelance writing work - who knew it would be such a time-suck?!

Anyway, below are a couple of reviews that have come in for The Gladiator's Woman, my short story that came out from Phaze a couple months or so ago.

"Tula Neal creates a brief but sensual story of violence and love. The characters are easy to envision and are well developed for such a short tale." Nicole, Manic Readers. To read the whole thing, click on the link.

"This was a short sexy read that was fun at the same time. Scipio is attracted to Collina from the first time he sees her. Collina’s attraction starts soon after and before long the lovers are together as often as possible. Collina is filled with trepidation when she finds out that Scipio is a tiro, or a rookie, and has never fought in the arena before. Will his first match be his last? There is also the decision to be made whether or not they will follow Spartacus into rebellion." Night Owl Romance (http://www.nightowlromance.com/nightowlromance/reviews/Review.asp?ReviewId=1550)

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