Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Mermaid's Mission - Available Now!

Princess Antalya, First Daughter of the Nereid King Tushar, is sent as a Gift Prize to Gregory Landau, the owner of a private Caribbean island whose development threatens her undersea home. She needs Gregory to stop construction if she is to save her people, and she will do anything he asks, but Gregory has never met a Nereid before and is deeply suspicious of her. Can he overcome his doubts and act on the attraction he feels for the mysterious woman? Owning an island resort has been Gregory's dream for most of his life but Antalya awakens feelings in him that he's never known before. Can he hold on to his dreams and still have his mermaid princess, too?

The Mermaid's Mission is available now from New Concepts Publishing. Click here for more info -

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