Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bittenbybooks reviews The Mermaid's Mission

A lovely review of The Mermaid's Mission.

When Antalya proves to Gregory beyond a doubt that her tale is true, she tells him of the damage that his construction and his future plans will do to the environment. Her task as a Gift Prize was to get him to stop everything and let the island resort back to its natural state. Taking a fish eye view of the damage and potential destruction of the reef, the fish and other sea life, Gregory makes a decision that will hopefully keep both sides happy. Antalya must now give her father the answer that Gregory has made and leaves him to go back to her people. Whether this will be enough is now up to the city of Mereid and the King, but will another voice convince the populous that compromise and education of the dangers of urban sprawl can give them all hope to survive?

This short novella was a very smart and spicy tale with an twist. The combination of the paranormal creatures of the water with the cause and effects of urban expansion on the environment was skillfully written and entertaining

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