Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prince, Bewitched - hot, very hot, romance. Coming soon!

Prince Xavier, Heir to the Throne, is ill and the greatest doctors in the land are stumped. So are the herbalists and soothsayers but Sylvie thinks she knows what the Prince's problem is. Faeries.

As they grow older, most children lose their ability to see the Fae but Sylvia never did and she's convinced they're behind the Prince's mysterious illness. When the King offers a million pound reward to anyone who cures his son, Sylvie sees this as the answer to all her dreams. Sylvie wants to open a hair salon and, with the money the King is offering, she could open a whole chain of them. She leaves her job and heads to London There is a huge queue outside Buckingham Palace but Sylvie manages to sneak in, find her way to Xavier and persuades him to let her try.

When she discovers that the Prince has been bewitched by two faeries who want to keep him in Fae, she must free him but will the price of the Prince's rescue be more than she's willing to pay?

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