Friday, September 7, 2007

Sleep! From Cobblestone Press!

Thought I'd tell you a little bit more about my upcoming novella, Sleep, which is going to be part of Cobblestone Press's Vampire Oracle anthology. (Read more about the series here -

I check the submissions sites of epublishers periodically but had never gotten up the nerve to submit to any until I saw Cobblestone's call for submissions for this great series. Vampires! The Tarot! I was in!

I hadn't checked Cobblestone in a while and it was one day before the deadline when I did. I remember staring at the cover for Sleep - a woman lying on a bed, her dark hair like a pool of ink around her face. The card signified freedom and movement and I had to include those themes in my story. At first nothing came to me but then I thought ok, what about if somebody the vampire loves is trapped somewhere - could I make a story out of that? I could but how about if it's the vampire who's trapped? Then, who would have the power to trap a vampire? For a long time I've wanted to write a story about voodoo, how could I work that in? What would such an entrapment do to a vampire, to anyone?

And slowly, slowly, the story started to take shape. See the blurb for Sleep below!

When Kai Duncan discovers a cache of old papers he finds a reference to a female vampire from the American South. The woman, a beautiful mulatto, was supposedly ensorcelled by a powerful Haitian houngan in the early nineteenth century and taken away from her New Orleans home. Kai is intrigued and begins to dig into the story. He finds out enough to convince him the abduction really happened and sets out for Haiti to discover what happened to the vampire. His search leads him to the houngan and a violent battle ensues to free the captive vampire. Kai wins but he fears the woman he saved may be beyond his help. And beyond the reach of his love.

Gabrielle has been brought to the edge of madness by her long captivity. The houngan made use of her for his own dark and twisted purposes. Now another man has rescued her but can she trust him? Can she believe in Kai and surrender to the healing power of love?

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