Monday, November 5, 2007

Ten Kegels a day!

I’ve read a few erotic romances and my fair share of erotica but I don’t remember reading any where the woman knew about Kegels and practiced them several times a day. Pity because ten Kegels a day may not keep the doctor away but they’ll sure keep those orgasms coming. If you don't know what I'm talking about, keep reading!

To find the right muscles, the next time you’re peeing, try stopping the flow. Those are the muscles you want to strengthen. (As a bonus, it’ll stop those annoying squirts when you laugh too hard!)

The next time you’re sitting at a stop light or standing in a long line, squeeze your Kegels for ten counts. Do ten sets of ten. Then do a quick set of pulses – ten will do to start with but as your muscle gets stronger you can go up to fifty or even a hundred.

You'll notice the heightened sensation when you’re with your guy or enjoying a bout of solitary lovemaking. Just squeeze your muscles and enjoy the thrills!

(One more tip – several online sex shops sell Kegel exercisers you might want to check out.)

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