Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Whether you’re writing erotic romance or erotica, you’ve got to employ the five senses if you want to paint a picture for your readers, one that will have them gasping along with your protagonists.

One of the most important senses to convey in your work is the sense of smell – if you’re in the heroine’s viewpoint tell us how her lover smells to her or vice versa. His hair, his skin, his balls, his feet – all of these will have a smell. When you’re writing, think about your characters – what would you like to convey about a particular character in your description of the way he or she smells? Someone who smells of vanilla and milk for instance is probably going to be a softer, more gentle and innocent person than one who smells of musk and cardamom. Similarly, in readers’ minds someone who smells of the earth after a rainfall may be a better person than someone who reeks of some cheap cologne.

Scientists tell us that pheromones, our scent markers, can determine if we like or dislike someone. Think about that the next time you’re dreaming up your characters and, if like me, you’re one of those people who do a detailed description of your characters before then be sure to include how they smell too.

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