Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yay! Yay! Yay! I'm doing a wild dance over here. I got the release date for my short story, The Gladiator's Woman. It will be out January 28 from and then I've got an interview set up with an online review site for February 2 so you know I'm just rearing to go!

Hopefully by the time it comes out I'll have figured out more about posting pix and banners and what not to this blog so you'll get to see the cover.

Basically, The Gladiator's Woman is about a healer who joins a ludus (gladiator school) and falls in love with a black gladiator who comes up against Spartacus just before the latter's famous rebellion. I love history and the history of Rome and Egypt in particular so you'll see more from me set in those times. And yes, blacks or Aethiops or Nubians as they were called, were definitely around in ancient Rome. They were soldiers, merchants, scribes, gladiators, slaves, traders and prostitutes among other things. Apparently, Roman men found black women quite alluring!

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