Monday, April 7, 2008

E-publishers, big and small

Interested in getting your story in front of avid readers and potential fans? This short list of epublishers can help you do it. (Make sure you check out their submissions guidelines thoroughly before sending anything in.) - their covers just keep getting better and better and I'm truly not saying that because my novella, Sleep, will be published with them in September as part of their Vampire Oracle series. - one of the leading publishers of erotica. - new on the block which means they're hungry for stories and authors. - one of the powerhouses in the epublishing world. - an up and coming epublisher. (My novel, Forty-Six Days in the Caribbean, a hip guide for those who love to experience the delights of sex travel will be out from them in September.) - also up and coming. - the mack-daddy of the epublishing world.

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