Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Vampire Oracle: Sleep

Not sure if I’ve blogged at length about it yet but my novella for Cobblestone Press’ Vampire Oracle series will be out in September. Yippeee!

Though it’s told from the viewpoint of the hero, it’s basically the story of this vampire woman who’s captured in New Orleans and brought to Haiti in the early 1800s to serve a houngan or witch doctor. The hero finds out about her almost two centuries later and sets out to free her even as the houngan’s powers grow.

I loved writing this story! I’ve always been fascinated by vodun, the Haitian religion, and this was my first chance to use some of what I know in a story.

To find out more about the other stories in The Vampire Oracle, visit our blog – http://vampireoracle.blogspot.com/

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